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Religious revision hacks

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Religious studies is one of those subjects where you can sort of slack on the revision. I don't recommend you not revising at all because you do need to revise for it but you don't need to revise all that much. Most people aren't all that sure how to revise for religious and I have to admit for a while I wasn't sure either. However I have managed to figure it out and I am going to share how I revise with you guys. I take AQA Religious B.

1. Flashcards

You will see a theme going on with how I revise but it does vary for each different subject. Flashcards are a lifesaver! You can write keywords on one side and definitions or you can write down different religious quotes.

For religious it often gives you a key word as a one mark question and you have to write down the meaning of that key word. Also it's good to learn key words for all the questions as you can get extra marks for it. For six mark questions you need to include a quote in order to get more than 3 marks I think.

2. How to correctly answer the questions

In Religious the highest marks you can get for one particular question is 6. Here is a sheet that we got given which just gives you a run through of how to answer the different questions.

My religious teacher taught my class DREARER to answer the 6 mark question and I swear by it. If you include all of the points in DREARER correctly you can quite easily get 6 marks.
D: Why some people may disagree with the statement
R: Reason
E: Explain that reason
A: Why some people may agree with that statement
R: Reason
E: Explain that reason
R: Religious point of view (include a religious quote)

4. Use colour and make your book express your creativity

Okay I use colour at every chance I can get. By expressing your creativity in your work you will be more likely to remember it. Draw diagrams and pictures about the topics. Make a title page at the start of each topic.

Whilst you are watching a documentary go back and highlight your work. Just as long as you aren't writing anything rude or something against the rules you are fine. Also I don't suggest graffiti, I know it helps some people concentrate but do it on a separate piece of paper or the back of your book. Tidy notes will help you remember better and graffiti will most likely get you in trouble. I have had teachers in the past who have ripped out pages in students books and made them rewrite it because it has graffiti in.

5. Actually look back at your old books

There are many subjects, like Maths for example, that I never bother looking back through my text books at. In religious you learn everything you need to know in class so if you make good notes you don't need to purchase a revision guide. My old books are so useful! Currently I am on my third book, I used one book for paper one and two books for paper 2 (the books for paper 2 are smaller). Our teacher doesn't let us take our books home as she thinks we will loose them so the one I am working in at the moment has to stay at school.

Anyway back to the point I do have a revision book for paper one of religious but that is just because my friend gave it me. Honestly though I don't recommend buying one. Our teacher gives us print outs going over each topic anyway. Also yes it does annoy me that there is a massive seven on the front of the book, but my friend got the book from school.

6. Mindmaps

I'm not going to say much about mindmaps because I'm sure you're fed up of me speaking about them. But they're just so useful as they get everything in the same place. You can be bright and colourful or black and white as you want on them. You make them exactly the way that benefits YOU.

7. Past papers

I've saved the most important to last. It's good knowing your stuff but if you don't do practice papers under timed conditions then you are sort of screwed.

You can find mark schemes online so you can mark your answers and see how to improve. They give you an idea of what grade you would get. Also they show up things that you might not of spotted. Say you don't put keywords into your answers it allows you to realize that so that you can do it in the real exam.

Sorry this has been so long, I just had a lot to say! Good luck on your exams if you are taking them.

Scarlett x

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