Tuesday, 19 May 2015

How to: Study

Hey there,

So the dreaded exam season is here 'yay'. If like me you don't have a clue how to revise then this might help. Some of these are what I do when I'm revising, but others are just tips on what else you could do.

First your going to need to get all your notes together on whatever subject or topic you want to study. The subject I needed to study was History and the topic: The League of Nations. 

I re-write all of the information I have learnt as my class work may be messy or what is important may be in the form of questions or pictures. This step isn't essential so you can skip it out. However if you do carry out this step then make sure to take your time on it and not rush it as it will be easier to understand if it is neat. But don't spend all your time making it look pretty as long as its readable its fine.

After that I read through what I have written a few times making sure I haven't missed anything out that I may need to know, that it is all correct and to try and get some of it to stick inside my head.

Next I will pick out the most important things and write them on flash cards. The revision cards I have are from Wilkinson's and they were only £1!

Usually on these I will write key words and definitions or short facts. These cards are double sided so you could write a question on the front and the answer on the back to test yourself.

If you cant find any flash cards or revision cards to buy then you can make your own by folding an A4 piece of paper into 4 and cutting along the folds.


Then what I do is get out my revision guide (yes on the picture there is a maths book as well but shush pretend its History) and I read through everything it has on the topics in there making any extra notes or completing the questions.

If you don't have one of these then I really recommend buying them, they aren't too much and they have everything you need to know for you exam in them. Also you can get them for every subject that you can do an exam on (and maybe more?) If you already have one then use it!

Here are 8 tips that I try to follow:
  1. Don't start revising the day before. I know this sounds simple but most people leave their revision until the night before or the day or. You don't have to start mega early but if its for an exam I suggest a couple of months before if its just an assessment or facts test start at least a week (preferably two) before. You can even make a revision timetable if that is easier for you.
  2. Take breaks every half an hour (if you need them more often then do them as much as you need which will benefit you). But make sure to have some discipline and keep your breaks short, say 5minutes.
  3. Make posters or write on post-it-notes and stick them around the house in places you look e.g. at the top of the stairs, above your kettle.
  4. Have drinks and snacks with you as you wont be able to concentrate on an empty stomach and drinking can keep you focused (stick to water though)
  5. I know this sounds really odd but I do this all the time when I'm revising, speak in different accents or tones! It might be the fact that it makes revision fun but seriously this works! Just give it a go.
  6. Now if like me you really can't get motivated to revise you just have to think to yourself how much it will help and simply get up and do it. I know it's hard to stop procrastination but when you're in the exam you will be so glad you spent that time revising instead of playing video games.
  7. Don't spend all your time revising. I know you will be really stressed out but if you spend all your time revising it will be just as bad as not revising at all. You need to make time for social activities or even just going for a walk.
  8. Write stuff out, reading through your notes wont do you any good you need to actually write stuff out.
I hope this will help some of you, if it does that's great, if it doesn't sorry... tell me what would help.
Thanx for reading and stay awesome.

Scarlett x

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