Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Inspiration Board

Hi guys!

Today I am showing you how to make an inspiration board.
I love things like this and it is so simple to make!

You will need...

A Variety of Colours, Cardboard, Glue, Paper, Scissors, Quotes and imagination!                   


 What to do...
  1. Cover the cardboard with paper of your choice I chose pink.                                                       
  2. Get lots of quotes, or lots of different things you like or even pictures and stick them all over the cardboard. I used white paper for all my quotes and using coloured pens I drew/ wrote the designs.

  3. Once done put somewhere where you will see it to inspire you and make you smile when you are down.
Hope this gave you an idea to do for inspiration as I love mine and it is so simple!

Thank you for tuning into this blog (makes it sound like a radio station)

Goodbye x Scarlett