Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hi people of the world,

Everyone has that one thing they do to calm down and to feel better about themselves.
Whether that is experimenting with make-up, trying out new looks, baking etc. Its just the thing that makes you feel better.

Lately I've been writing poems. Not cheesy ones or confusing ones but ones that relate to the way i have been feeling.
Its a great way to get your emotions out in a positive way.

So whatever it is that can make you more calm and happier have a go at it. At the end of the day everyone gets down, they will all have their own ways of dealing with it. For eveyone there is something they do that makes you feel better.

Here's a poem i wrote the other day

Silent but disturbed,
A derelict land.
Filled with thousands of murderers.
Making a plan.

Sweet and innocent,
A child skips past,
Picks up the murderer and blows it along.

The murderers land
Take another victim
Plants its roots in the ground

Un noticed but living.
Slowly stealing lives
Until all that is left is him.
Him and thousands of murderers aside.

Provoking people.
Hiding as a wish.
But their hope all it does is spreads,
And ends others lives


Thankyou for reading this blog and i hope it will help give you ideas for a positive way of getting out emotions

Scarlett x

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