Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Year's resolution

Hi guys,

I haven't posted for a while because there was something wrong with my account. I'm sorry and I hope you'll forgive me.

As today is New Year's Eve I thought I would write about New Year's resolutions.

When I was younger I never made resolutions as I thought they where stupid but this year I want to. I want to have something that I can work on throughout the year. Last year I made resolutions but I made so many that where so hard to keep to that I didn't achieve any of them. So I thought I would only make 3 this year so they are easier.

My resolutions are:

1. To never give up when things get hard so that I can do the things I want to do and accomplish things I have always dreamed of doing. I know it's cheesy but I don't really care.

2. To get fit so I can be more athletic as I really enjoy playing sports but find it hard as I'm not fit enough.

3. To do more of the things that don't just make me happy make other people happy as well. I know that making other people happy can make you happy and I know  that when someone makes you happy that happiness lasts for so long. I don't want anyone to be living there life being sad as I know what it feels like. Even if its just one smile that can change their whole day.

These are my New Year's resolutions I hope you find these helpful.

Thanx for reading,

Scarlett (Well, that's not my real name :P)


  1. Hiya, nice post! Just a tip, maybe make your posts/blog a little more colourful to make it more interesting to read. I understand though if your new to it all as I am as well haha(:

    1. Thankyou :3 and I've never thought of that! Yeah I will add some colour. Thanx for the advice