Tuesday, 21 July 2015

You should fall in love with your eyes closed


Lately I've been really down again, so down that the pain inside is back, the pain that I thought had gone and lets just say I haven't been having the most present thoughts so sorry if this isn't all tip top or cheerio (sorry you wont get that if you're not British).

I think I'm in love with a boy I only just met but the thing is I know he wont like me back.

The thing about boys -this may seem vague but EVERY SINGLE boy I know is like this- is that they only go for the girls who are good looking even if those girls are mean. They never go for the girls like me who aren't popular, who aren't good looking, who aren't anything special, no matter how nice us girls may be. It shouldn't be that way.

I wish that people fell in love with their eyes closed. So that they would fall in love with the personality, not with the looks. Then they would fall in love with who you are as a person, they would fall in love with your insane laugh or the way you sneeze, instead of your appearance. One thing they don't realise is that beauty (looks wise) doesn't matter because that type of beauty doesn't last forever but a beautiful personality does. But most of all they need to realise that just because something is beautiful doesn't mean that it's good.

Sorry for the little rant but I had to post this. Thankyou (Merci!) for reading.

Au Revoir,

Scarlett x

Btw I don't know why I randomly went french

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