Wednesday, 23 July 2014

School problems

In today's blog i am going to be talking about what problems you face at school (or onwards) and what i would do to to help.

Bully's- in every school there are the bully's, usually these people are the 'cool', 'popular' and good looking people who pick on people who arent like them. If you are being bullied then tell someone. Even if its only small still tell someone, enyone. They can help. Tell your parents, friends, family, teachers at school, even email someone you inspire to. Anyone will help you.

Exams- exams are the things that cause stress for all teenagers. All you want is a good level. Tips are revise, i know its boring but it helps. Try as hard as you can, at least you will feel like you have tried as well as you can do. Just dont give up on yourself, if your target is a B then if you try as hard as you can you can get an A, or even an A*.

Thanx for reading, i hope i helped you.
Love, Scarlett x

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