Sunday, 20 July 2014

Introducing my blog

Ive started this blog for many reasons:
To help you guys with situations you are going through
To give you ideas of things to do
To share fashion and make-up tips/ styles that i like
Basically this blog is just about all the little things that go on in teenage life. This should hopefully help you readers.

I am going to tell you my personal opinions most of the time so you may not always agree. I will try to discuss the things that will help.
As I am a teenage girl I shall tell you what I find helpful in stressful times such as exams, bullying, panic attacks etc.

I will try to upload a blog as often as possible but do keep in mind I am a teenage student who does have school, homework and socializing... haha no.

Hope you will enjoy the blogs i post and leave comments below with your views.

Love, Scarlett x

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